Technical Skills

Test Driven Development, Object Oriented Programming,
Version Control Systems, Relational Databases, Agile Project Management

  • Ruby/Rails

  • JavaScript/jQuery

  • HTML5/CSS3

  • Git/Github

Recent Projects


My capstone group project at Dev Bootcamp. Scene provides local artists opportunities to contribute artwork to their neighborhoods by connecting them with businesses. Users can find local artists by geolocation or browse all artists by category. Built in one week.

Rails, Bootstrap, Angular.js, Google Maps API


MuseMeta is a Sinatra application that gives users the ability to both browse and search through the Met Museum’s collection by uploading a picture of an existing artwork to see similar pieces across the collection. Built in five days.

Sinatra, Bootstrap, Met Museum API

Pocket Museum

Pocket Museum is an open source project I built as an way to acquaint myself with Backbone.js and single page app architecture. The app allows users to save and "feature" artwork and its metadata in a simple gallery. Built in three days.

Rails, Backbone.js, Coffeescript, SASS

About Me

I'm a learning-obsessed individual who is passionate about empowering underrepresented groups through technology and education. I love writing concise algorithms, consuming docs, and sharing how I did it.

Currently, I am looking for an environment where I can continue to learn and hone my skills as a web developer, while surrounding myself with colleagues who are as excited about what they create as I am.

Contact Info

Curious about the stuff I've built? Have questions about Dev Bootcamp? Wanna talk art?